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Our advantages:
Highest quality
Free shipping + most orders are delivered in 2 – 3 days
Great customer service
Fast response to questions or issues
20 years of quality assurance experience

Moonshine Brass products are not copies of similar items sold online. We developed our products independently and have constantly improved the quality, reliability and usability of our products. The zipper pulls are on their 16th generation and the process has grown to 20 steps in creating them by hand. Every change we made has improved their quality and durability.

We differentiate ourselves with unequaled standards of quality and authenticity and are probably the only company that offers free repair or replacement if something goes wrong. You can find us at:

Moonshine Brass
3804 Moonshine Falls Ave
North Las Vegas, NV 89085

Text for a quick response:
702 306 7007

Quality Equipment

Presses we use in reforming brass cases to meet specifications
    Hornady Lock & Load Press
    Hornady Lock & Load Press
    Manually OPerated
    Lee Classic Turret Press
    Lee Classic Turret Press
    Manually operated
    Redding T-7 Turret Press
    Redding T-7 Turret Press
    Manually operated
    Lee hand press
    Lee hand press
    Manually operated
Video Presentation
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Why buy from Moonshine Brass

We know you want it now!

We ship almost instantly and get close to Priority Mail speed with USPS First Class Mail (large orders are upgraded to Priority)

Quality Designs

We build quality into our products!

Highly customizable

Our zipper pulls can be used on zippers, as lanyards or on key rings.

Easy to use

Just loop the bullet through the hole in your zipper and notice the improvement immediately.