Real Bullet Keychain 9mm with Hornady XTP 125gr Hollow Point & Nickel Plated Brass


Real Bullet Keychain 9mm with Hornady 125gr XTP Hollow Point Bullet

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We are including one FREE 38 Special +P Bullet Zipper Pull with every key chain order.

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We make high quality hand made bullet key chains with recycled nickel plated brass and new Hornady XTP 125 gr Hollow Point projectiles. All the key chain parts are new and hopefully, made in the USA. We have not cut corners on anything used in manufacturing including equipment.  Both the projectiles and shell cases are premium quality.  Prior to packaging, we apply a coat of NU Finish Car Polish to the nickel plated brass.

If any part in our product fails during normal use, we will repair it or replace it at no charge.

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