380 ACP Bullet Push Pins 25/pack


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About the 380 ACP: The shell is slightly shorter than a 9mm but accepts the same size bullet. It is the ideal size for push pin or thumb tack use.

Free Shipping! Pack of 25 bullet push pins created with spent 380 ACP brass bullet shells. These push pins are great for cork boards and bulletin boards, even maps and calendars. we offer free shipping for a pack of 25 push pins created with spent 380 ACP brass bullet shells. Our 380 ACP shell cases will have slight imperfections since they were fired at local ranges and landed on hard surfaces when ejected. Any markings or wear as a result of firing are normal and add to their character.

380 ACP bullet push pins are great for home, camp or office use! The 9mm bullet shells have mixed head stamps (Win, Remington, Federal, etc). The shell cases were wet tumbled for several hours to remove residue and polish the brass. The spent primers in the brass shells have not been removed. The bullet push pins are packed in a plastic bag but can be sent in a small gift box – send us a note at check out or they will be sent in a plastic bag by default.

These are available in larger quantities. Contact me for custom orders.

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Brass Color

Yellow, Silver (nickel plated)


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